Who we are

At Vata, we take business personally, we like to work with our clients in an open and generous way. We master AWS, DevOps and security so you won't need to. Bringing the latest technologies and extensive hands-on experience to any engagement.

Our first priority is your company outperforming development demands. Our services will get your environment operational and fortified in no time.

Your cloud adoption will be quick, technological debt will be reduced and your solution hardened.

What we do

Build secure, scalable and simple solutions


Complementing your company's capabilities, we will automate the building of your cloud environment. Automation as in using infrastructure as code, continuous deployment and continuous integration systems. You will have full control over the final environment and the code behind it.


Advanced tools, practices and customized solutions to enhance cloud security. Comply with regulations and establish active governance policy. Security automation will eliminate human error in your everyday operations.

Cloud Enablement

Although cloud environments offer automation and simplified management tasks, many cloud environments get complex quickly. We have the ability to minimize this complexity for you and take on some or all you cloud management.

Why Vata

In Sanskrit, Vata means “Banyan tree”.

Just like the columns of the Banyan tree, Vata supports your business and enables growth.

Sacred symbols of immortality, longevity and the divine creator. Older Banyan trees have aerial prop roots which grow down into the soil, mature into thick columns and form the familiar dome.

Our Clients

We are hiring!

VATA is Looking for ambitious security and DevOps'engineers who wish to join our journey.

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